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Engine 1,8 NBFL Turbo Stage 2

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  • KM-NBFL-18-TU-2

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1,8 NBFL engine for building a turbo conversion. By choosing the right turbocharger you can... more
Product information "Engine 1,8 NBFL Turbo Stage 2"

1,8 NBFL engine for building a turbo conversion. By choosing the right turbocharger you can reach up to 350 HP. For consultation to choose the right turbo do not hesitate to contact us. When you buy the engine the engine is going to be delivered by carrier to you home or you can pick it up at our shop. Building the engine includes the following steps:


  • Engineblock drilled and fine honed
  • Crankshaft aligned, heaved and fine polished
  • Engine block sealings installing


Cylinder head:

  • Cylinder head dismantle
  • Cylinder head leveled
  • Grind valves new
  • valve seats milled
  • Valves fitted
  • Adjust valves clearance

Cylinder head cover:


In the interior if the engine we fit the following parts:



In addition to those parts you get a complete Mazda original sealing kit for the engine. This includes the following parts:


  • 16 valve seals
  • Oil pan sealings
  • 1 sealing behind the cover plate of the timing belt
  • 1 sealing VVT camshaft
  • 1 sealing exhaust camshaft
  • 1 sealing crankshaft front
  • 1 sealing crankshaft rear
  • 1 gasket intake manifold
  • 1 gasket exhaust manifold
  • 1 O-ring water pump
  • 1 gasket oil strainer
  • 1 O-ring thermostat housing
  • 1 gasket water pump to engine block
  • 1 gasket water pump to noozle
  • 1 sealing thermostat rear
  • 1 O-ring PCV valve
  • 1 gasket cylinder head cover
  • 1 gasket cylinder head
  • All gaskets for sealing the VVT



Engines are traded on exchange. It is possible, to buy the engine as a do it yourself package, so you get all the parts ou need to build the engine on your own. In this case, you have to get all the work on cylinderhead and engine block done by an professional engine builder.


To swap on this engine we also recommend the following applications:

Oil cooler kit

Mishimoto radiator NB

ECU (part of our turbo kits)

Wideband lambda AEM

Hardened engine mounts from the mazdaspeed









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