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Back up light switch MX-5 NB 6 speed Back up light switch MX-5 NB 6 speed
Mazda original back up light switch suitable for MX-5 NB 6-speed gearbox. The back up switch transmits the signal that reverse gear is engaged to the taillight in order to switch on the reversing light.
€83.65 *
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Front shifter bushing MX-5 NA/NB/NBFL 5-speed Front shifter bushing MX-5 NA/NB/NBFL 5-speed
Mazda original front shifter bushing in the shift lever suitable for MX-5 NA/NB/NBFL with 5 speed gearbox. We offer direct replacements in the usual Mazda original quality.
€23.75 *
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Sealing H501-17-103 Sealing H501-17-103
Mazda original oil seal for transmission input shaft for 5-speed gearbox on NA / NB / NBFL and RX-7 FD.
€13.46 *
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Sealing FE50-16-225A Sealing FE50-16-225A
Mazda Original paper sealing for the guide part (cover in front of the input shaft seal) in the gearbox bell at 5-speed NA / NB / NBFL.
€6.60 *
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Sealing M507-17-335A Sealing M507-17-335A
Mazda Original sealing for the gearbox output in the direction of cardan shaft.
€55.41 *
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Sealing Y601-17-131 Sealing Y601-17-131
Mazda Original sealing ring for the input shaft of the 6-speed gearbox NB / NBFL.
€34.20 *
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Cuff M513-17-480A Cuff M513-17-480A
Mazda original gearshift cuff for 5-speed and 6-speed gearbox NA / NB / NBFL. It is the smaller cuff, which is screwed directly onto the gear neck.
€91.94 *
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Frame NA01-64-481B Frame NA01-64-481B
Mazda Original Frame/cuff which seals the transmission tunnel to the interior of the NA / NB / NBFL 5-speed and 6-speed. It is pulled over the gear lever and bolted to the transmission tunnel.
€57.60 *
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