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CANchecked MFA 2.0 Display NA

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CANCHECKED MFA 2.0 DISPLAY MAZDA MX-5 NA Freely programmable multi-display with matching... more
Product information "CANchecked MFA 2.0 Display NA"

Freely programmable multi-display with matching mounting plate for the speedometer.

The aim was to offer an affordable meter for Can Bus ECUs. CANchecked has launched an attractive display with OLED screen with its 52mm round instrument. Due to the very compact design, it was possible to integrate this display in the Mazda MX-5 speedometer, in place of the original oil pressure gauge. The display offers the best readability even in direct sunlight. The operation is carried out with the provided rotary knob, which allows a precise work.

The retrofit display is suitable for all freely programmable control units with CAN bus and many with serial interface. Likewise the display can be fed with 4 values ​​of external sensors and OBD II. Thus, the use as a stand-alone multifunction display is possible.


Key features

- Conversion kit for the original speedometer with illustrated instructions
- 1.5 inch OLED display
- 8 different display windows freely configurable
- Selection from up to 33 fixed sensors
- up to 6 sensors per display
- Connection via CAN bus
- 4 analog inputs for 0 - 5V sensors (eg oil pressure, fuel pressure, exhaust temperature (with adapter) and boost pressure)
- internal warning buzzer (85db)
- Shift light optional
- Serial interface optional
- Individual minimum and maximum warning values
- Popup function when values ​​are exceeded or fallen below


Supported values

Many customers always ask: "What values ​​can I query from my ECU". The answer: "ALL".
The ECU manufacturers themselves determine which values ​​are sent via the interface and document them accordingly. A total of up to 33 sensors can be queried with the display if the manufacturer supports it.



- In total there are 8 views, which can be individually filled with the following ads
- single value
- 4-fold display
- 6-fold display
- Bar graph
- Line diagram
- Single pointer
- double pointer


Warnings visually

Each sensor can be configured with minimum and maximum warning values. In the displays themselves, exceeded values ​​are displayed in red and underlined values ​​in blue font.
If a sensor is under- / exceeded, which is currently not shown, then the sensor setting determines what happens: Popup or just a small, yellow triangle in the top right corner of the status bar.


Shift light optional

- 8 LEDs - each individually adjustable
- Speed ​​limits
- To dye
- Flashing speed - the entire shift light flashes
- Schaltblitz brightness
- The connection is made via a 50cm long cable, which allows a flexible installation location.


Supported ECUs

In general, it is possible to support all ECUs that have a documented Can-Bus interface. For this, however, the manufacturer must add the Can-Bus protocol.


The following ECUs have already been implemented:

- trijekt (Premium, Bee, trig.)
- Megasquirt 2 and 3
- k-data KDFI
- UMC1 / UMC2
- EFIgnition
- Microsquirt
- EcuMaster EMU (classic with Can-Bus Adapter: EMU Black)
- van kronenburg KMS MD35 (MP25 with Can-Bus adapter)
- AIM generic protocol



- CANchecked MFA 2.0 MX-5 NA conversion kit
- knob
- Cableset
- Quickstart Guide


Optional accessories

- shift lightning

For an appointment for installation, please contact us at

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