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Engine revision part package NA 1,6

Engine revision part package NA 1,6

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Parts package suitable for our overhauled replacement engine for 1.6 NA for self-assembly. You... more
Product information "Engine revision part package NA 1,6"

Parts package suitable for our overhauled replacement engine for 1.6 NA for self-assembly. You will receive all the parts you need to re-store and seal the engine. This includes a Mazda original gasket kit for the engine plus the components listed below.

The Mazda Original Seal Kit contains the following components:

  • 16 valve stem seals
  • 1 valve cover gasket
  • 1 cylinder head gasket
  • 1 intake manifold gasket
  • 1 exhaust manifold gasket
  • 2 thermostat seals
  • 1 oil pan sealing front
  • 1 oil pan sealing rear
  • 1 timing belt cover gasket around crankshaft
  • 1 center timing belt cover gasket
  • 1 Timing belt cover gasket, top right
  • 1 Timing belt cover gasket at top left
  • 1 Outer timing belt cover seal around thermostat outlet
  • 1 gasket timing belt cover inside around thermostat outlet
  • 1 oil seal crankshaft front
  • 2 camshaft seals
  • 1 oil seal crankshaft to clutch
  • 1 gasket oil strainer
  • 1 gasket water pump to engine block
  • 1 Seal water pump to radiator hose
  • 1 sealing ring water bypass


Additional materials include new Hastings piston rings, a new timing belt set (Conti), King main and connection rod bearings and the water pump.


We recommend having the following work carried out directly by a professional engine builder:

  • Plan the cylinder head
  • Re-grind valves
  • Plan and honing the engine block
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