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Xtreme Clutch Clutchkit 1,8 NA/NB/NBFL
Xtreme Clutch Clutchkit 1,8 NA/NB/NBFL
ab €402.15 *
SPS Radiator MX-5 NA
SPS Radiator MX-5 NA
€300.31 *
SPS Radiator MX-5 NB/NBFL
SPS Radiator MX-5 NB/NBFL
€277.41 *
AEM X-Series UEGO wideband Lambda gauge 52mm
AEM X-Series UEGO wideband Lambda gauge 52mm
€251.04 *
Special offer of our turbokits with MS3 MIni ECU, standard intercooler and TD04 turbocharger.... more
Product information "SPS Turbokit TD04 *SPECIAL OFFER*"

Special offer of our turbokits with MS3 MIni ECU, standard intercooler and TD04 turbocharger. Our well known "Budget turbokit" gets cheaper for a short time! The last edition of our popular TD04 kit is available as stock lasts!


All products, as well as the Turbokit offered here, are developed by SPS Motorsport on the racetrack, adapted to the road and constantly improved. We place utmost importance on the quality of the installed parts and their function.

All turbo kits are configured and packed in our house. Whether you decide on a Garrett, BorgWarner or TD04 turbocharger is yours. We use all products in our vehicles. All our race cars use components from our turbo kits, or complete kits.
It was important to us in the development of the turbo kits that on the one hand they meet the requirements of our customers, the power development and the optics in the engine compartment are as close to the production as possible. All Turbokits that we can distribute in our house registered and accepted.
We use the best components of the scene in our eyes.
The kit comes complete including matching basemap. The MX-5 NA kit is not suitable for vehicles with air conditioning. For in house builds we offer special conversions for vehicles with air conditioning, where the piping is built directly on the vehicle.

All of our turbo kits are designed to be easily upgradeable. Of course, we provide the necessary support with a corresponding upgrade and will gladly advise you.

With a TD04 turbocharger, which uses the 1.6 90PS engine as the basis, the conversion results in 200PS. If the 1.6 115hp engine is used as the basis, 210hp results after conversion. For a 1.6 NB engine the conversion results in 200 hp, for a 1.8 liter it´s 250 hp. 

Engine control unit
We use the MS3 Mini ECU´s in street cars as well as racing cars, so we know every little problem that you could possibly have and will help you out if you have some problems. 

All turbo kits sold by us receive lifelong support. Since we drive and use the products ourselves, as well as on the racetrack, we can help with almost any problem. You have questions, ask us!

Kraken cast iron manifold
Two-piece downpipe (first part made of cast iron, second part made of stainless steel)
Turbocharger incl. Matching connection accessories
Steelflex oil feed pipe
water pipe
High temperature oil return
Giselwerks Hardpipe boost pressure piping
efficient intercooler
Open air filter
SPS Motorsport 700CC Injectors (calibrated and tested)
Engine control unit with matching basemap
mounting material (incl. spark plugs BKR7EIX and modified washer fluid reservoir)

For safe use we recommend the following components:
wideband lambda



flywheel and clutch

3" exhaust system


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10% Saved
10% Saved
SPS Turbokit NA 1.6 G25 SPS Turbokit NA 1.6 G25
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SPS Turbokit NA 1.8 G25 SPS Turbokit NA 1.8 G25
From €5,319.77 *
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