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TEIN coilover street advance Z for NC

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  • GSM74-91SS2
This high quality product from TEIN with an incredibly low price is a twin tube damper that... more
Product information "TEIN coilover street advance Z for NC"

This high quality product from TEIN with an incredibly low price is a twin tube damper that uses the OEM dome bearings.
By using a cartridge that can be inexpensively repaired, it has managed to present a low-cost, high-performance system.
The system has a thread-type height adjustment, which means that the spring is moved up and down along the damper. In this way, the spring is always biased, which increases the performance.
The twin-tube system achieves a longer stroke with a lower repulsion force, resulting in a high level of ride comfort. Due to the different road conditions, the demand for a system with sufficient lift and smooth operation is required.
Thanks to the unique characteristics of the Street Advance Z-Damper, this system manages gaps and bumps on uneven roads. This means quiet driving at low speed and stability at high speeds.
The system has a new dust protection design that keeps dirt, water and other hazardous substances away from the damper rod to prevent damage to the damper.
The puncture proof springs are powder coated for optimal protection. The high performance oil has a stable viscosity in a wide temperature range, foaming properties and resistance to cavitation.
Due to the high heat resistance, the system is also suitable for intensive driving on race tracks. Oil is a superior performer over the long term and resists deterioration over time.

The damper is coated in the familiar green color. The height adjustment threads have a unique ZT surface coating to provide resistance to gravel or debris abrasion.
16 settings for different driving situations with simple adjustment on top of the damper and EDFC compatibility.


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