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TEIN coilover flex Z NC (with top mount)

TEIN coilover flex Z NC (with top mount)

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  • VSM74-C1SS3
The TEIN Street Flex Z Series suspension delivers the ultimate in ride comfort and performance... more
Product information "TEIN coilover flex Z NC (with top mount)"

The TEIN Street Flex Z Series suspension delivers the ultimate in ride comfort and performance at the best price / performance ratio.
Due to the numerous adjustment options of suspension and damping, the TEIN Street Flex Z proves to be the best all-round coilover kit from TEIN.
The big advantage of the Tein Street Flex Z chassis is the height adjustment.
The height is adjusted by adjusting the length of the damper housing.
This achieves an individual lowering of the body and at the same time the suspension comfort and the spring preload is maintained.
The setting of the damper hardness is done here easily in the installed state.
16 settings can be made manually or electronically with the EDFC system (not included). Here, setting values ​​can be made in up to 32 or 64 steps. The linear setting then allows a driving behavior from comfortable to sporty tight.

The chassis kit includes the front and rear dome bearings. The special TEIN mandrels minimize inaccuracies during load changes and improve the steering behavior.
The cathedral camps are designed as uniball bearings. Through a more complex manufacturing process, all springs are cold formed and thus provide effective protection against subsequent setting of the springs even after many years. Thanks to the powder coating, all feathers offer excellent stone chip and corrosion protection.

This kit is compatible with TEIN EDFC and TEIN EDFC Active. features:

    The vehicle height can be infinitely adjusted via the damper housing
    Steel construction, two-pipe version
    16-way adjustable damping, compression and rebound combined
    Uni Ball dome bearing for a more direct response
    Powder coated damper body with galvanized thread
    Cold-formed springs to prevent subsequent setting of the springs
    1 year manufacturer's warranty
    Limited replacement service (worn dampers can be purchased and replaced individually)
    Fair price-performance ratio


Adjustable shock absorbers × 4
Stroke Rubbers × 4
Top mount x 4
Main spring × 4
Auxiliary springs (if available) x 4
Setting key for vehicle height adjustment × 2
Adjustment ring for height adjustment x 8
Dust seal × 4
Operating Manual × 1
Sticker sheet × 1


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