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Eibach lowering springs Pro-Kit 30mm ND

Eibach lowering springs Pro-Kit 30mm ND

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  • E10-55-019-03-22
The Eibach top seller par excellence. The first choice of motorsport fans around the world.... more
Product information "Eibach lowering springs Pro-Kit 30mm ND"
The Eibach top seller par excellence. The first choice of motorsport fans around the world.

    a leading suspension system worldwide
    developed and tested for the combination with the series dampers
    the first step in a complete sports suspension system
    Lowering the vehicle center of gravity (lowering up to 30mm)
    Spring design for traction and attraction
    Progressive suspension characteristics
    Performance Handling
    ABE or parts certificate

The Eibach Pro-Kit is the ideal solution for your production vehicle. Our proven spring system maximizes the handling of your vehicle and ensures a sporty look.

The Pro-Kit lowers the center of gravity of your vehicle and reduces rebound when accelerating, reduces the curl of the body when cornering and immersion in braking.

The Eibach Pro-Kit in combination with the appropriate wheels and tires is the guarantee of success for optimum performance. The Pro kit also reduces the unnecessary distance between the tire and the wheel arch and gives your vehicle a sporty look.

Eibach Pro Kits are engineered by our suspension engineers and test engineers to deliver a combination of sporty look and performance without sacrificing safety or ride quality.

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