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Deatschwerks Injectors MX-5 NC

Deatschwerks Injectors MX-5 NC

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Vehicle: Mazda MX-5 Year: 2006-13 Engine: 2.0L MZR Content: Coordinated set of 4 injectors... more
Product information "Deatschwerks Injectors MX-5 NC"

Vehicle: Mazda MX-5
Year: 2006-13
Engine: 2.0L MZR

Content: Coordinated set of 4 injectors

The DeatschWerks advantages:
- Perfectly fitting set, no adjustment work required
- It is original BOSCH, Siemens or DENSO nozzles that are modified
- no replicas, cheap homemade or similar
- Each set is perfectly matched in at least 3 different pressures

What distinguishes DeatschWerks injectors from others is obvious. Back in 2005, DeatschWerks revolutionized the petrol injection engine market with a wide range of "drop-in-fit" (plug & play) nozzles for vehicle-specific applications. Until then, universal injectors were the norm and customers could hardly find suitable injectors for them. The special feature of DeatschWerk's injection nozzles is that each set runs through a multi-stage dynamic flow test. This means that all nozzles in a set are adjusted to several pressures. With the otherwise offered nozzles on the market this happens, if at all, only with a pressure with clearly higher tolerance.
Furthermore, DeatschWerks offer high-quality fuel pumps for Plug'n'Play installation, which you will also find in our shop.

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