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Racing Beat © Anti roll bar Rear ND

Racing Beat © Anti roll bar Rear ND

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Rear anti roll bar for MX-5 ND. One of the first steps an MX-5 ND owner can take to improve... more
Product information "Racing Beat © Anti roll bar Rear ND"

Rear anti roll bar for MX-5 ND. One of the first steps an MX-5 ND owner can take to improve driving performance without compromising ride quality is to install a balanced front and rear anti roll bar. Racing Beat's in-house anti roll bar kits for the MX-5 reduce chassis roll and increase vehicle sensitivity to steering. This improves the maximum cornering performance. Extensive design work, selected steel alloys and precise manufacturing processes are combined to produce the highest-quality, high-performance spring components.

Chassis tuning 101 For the MX-5 owner, who is considering a first change to the suspension, installing anti roll bars is an ideal starting point. Improving the performance of the MX-5's springs and / or shocks will also noticeably improve handling, but these components can affect ride quality depending on the intended performance levels.

The Racing Beat anti roll bar comes with two powder coated bushing clamps, urethane bushings, Prothane bushing grease and detailed installation instructions. - With a pair of urethane stopper bushings secured with retaining clips that act as a precautionary measure against lateral movement of the pole bar during hard cornering. This simple and effective stopper bushing method replicates the method used by Mazda on the stock bar.

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