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SPS engine configurator for turbo engines

SPS engine configurator for turbo engines

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  • TKMREV-NA-16-TU-S1

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With the SPS engine configurator you can put together your engine the way you want it! In... more
Product information "SPS engine configurator for turbo engines"

With the SPS engine configurator you can put together your engine the way you want it! In addition, for the first time it is possible to order fully built cylinder blocks and cylinder heads from us, ready to install for your engine at home! Of course, as usual, we also offer our complete engines as parts packages for people who would like to build their engine themselves at home using our components.

Here in the area for building turbo engines you can put together your dream engine for use in combination with our turbo kits. Here you can choose between 3 different basic concepts, which are the ones customers request most frequently:

Budget: The inexpensive way to build your engine. When creating the engines, the focus was on your wallet. Nevertheless, the packages are made of extremely high-quality components in order to meet our high quality standards

Performance: Optimal for the successful middle ground between track tool on the weekend and occasional trips during the week. Perfectly suited for those who don't want to build a pure track tool, but still want a high increase in performance

Race: Here you can see the engines from our TimeAttack racing vehicles, which are used in the Pro class. Accordingly, the packages are designed for maximum performance and durability. Not recommended for daily or road vehicles, but intended exclusively for pure racing use


About the dropdowns:


Here you can choose between all different basic engines. Here you simply select the engine that is installed or is to be installed in your car.


Cylinder head:

Here you can choose between the basic concepts as stated above. In the budget variant, the cylinder head is revised, resealed and provided with new inlet valves. The intake valves are always recommended, as they tend to hammer into the head, especially in turbocharged engines, and then no longer seal properly. In addition, a reroute kit is used to counteract the thermal stress. This way you´ll always keep a “cool head”.
In the performance version, our Stage 2 camshafts with harder valve springs are also used in order to be able to generate more power. You also get adjustable camshaft gears so that you can properly adjust the new camshafts.
The Race variant then increases the performance even further via our Stage 3 camshafts including hardened valve springs and mechanical cam followers. This means you are perfectly prepared for pure use on the racetrack. This conversion is not recommended for use in everyday road use.
You also have the option of cutting off the cylinder head completely of your list if you simply need a new cylinder block and want to continue using your original cylinder head.



Version Camshafts Intake valves Reroute Camshaft gears
Budget Skidnation Reroute Kit
Performance SPS Stage 2 Camshaft set Skidnation Reroute Kit Camshaft gears
Race SPS Stage 3 Camshaft set Skidnation Reroute Kit Camshaft gears



Cylinder block:

Here you can also choose between our three basic concepts. In the budget version you get new Wössner forged pistons in combination with H-shaft connecting rods. In addition, the engine is equipped with new ACL Race Series bearings and hardened oil pump gears from Boundary (NA to NBFL only). For NA to NBFL you also get a Fluidampr crankshaft pulley. Of course, the right water pump for your engine as well as all the necessary seals are included in the scope of delivery.
The performance cylinder block prepares you perfectly for the use of boost pressures of more than one bar. By using main bearing studs from ARP and the use of the boundary oil pump (NA to NBFL only), your engine can withstand higher boost pressures in a much more stable manner.
The race configuration is then only available for NA to NBFL. Mazworx main bearing caps are then used here to prevent the original main bearing caps from breaking at very high boost pressures. This means you are prepared for absolutely anything and beyond.
Here you can also deselect the cylinder block completely to only get a cylinder head or the components to assemble the head.



Version Gasket kit Conrod bearings Main bearings Piston kit Oil pump Conrods Fluidampr Main bearing caps

ACL Race ACL Race Wössner Boundary oil pump gears
Performance ACL Race ACL Race & ARP Studs  Wössner  Boundary Stage 2  SPS Conrod set
Race ACL Race  ACL Race & ARP Studs Wössner Boundary Stage 2  SPS Conrod set Mazworx




Last but not least, you can choose between the parts package or the configuration that we´ll assemble in house for you. If you choose "without assembly" you will receive the respective parts to assemble yourself, if you choose "with assembly" you will have your fully assembled cylinder head, cylinder block or even the entire engine delivered to your home. In the variant with assembly, the basic components (cylinder block, cylinder head or the complete engine) must be seen in exchange for the original components from you. Accordingly, you must then send us the respective components.

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