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With almost every turbo conversion made by customers, we get questions regarding the connection of the boost pressure control valve, IAT sensor and the vacuum lines for boost pressure control. Today we are giving you direct installation instructions here in the blog so that nothing can go wrong with your turbo conversion!
On November 26th 2021 Black Friday is coming up and we will be there again! So next Friday you can really save in our shop. Click here to find out everything about the big discount campaign with us!
It is easy to lose track in the large number of parts we offer for the MX-5 ND. Regardless of whether you want to improve your MX-5 ND for the road or prepare it for track days, we give you the guide for the optimal modifications of your MX-5 ND. Click here to read more!
We also sat down for the MX-5 NC and thought about what constitutes the perfect modification for both the road and the racetrack. Click here to find out more about the perfect modifications to the MX-5 NC!
For the MX-5 NB / NBFL, we are also giving you a guide today on how you should proceed when modificate your road car or, alternatively, your tracktool. Click here to find out more about the perfect modification options in today's MotorBlog!
There are a variety of parts for your MX-5 NA in the SPS Motorsport Shop. But what should I start with when modificate my MX-5 and what do I need later? Here you get the ultimate guide to what we think makes the perfect conversion!
The season is almost over and the warmer days for this year are already counted. But how do I properly prepare my MX-5 for the winter time? Or maybe I can even drive my MX-5 through the winter? Click here to find out more about the popular roadster in the winter!
Today our MotorBlog is about braking systems! How do I install my new big brake kit correctly? What do I need to pay attention for? Does SPS have installation instructions for the big brake systems that can support me during assembly? Click here to read more!
Can I install my roll bar in the MX-5 all by myself? What to pay attention to? Which errors can occur? Here you will find answers to all your questions about installing the roll bar!
Are you looking for a way to finally drive your car on a racetrack and find the real limit? Then the SPS Motorsport Trackdays are just right for you! Click here to read more!
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A topic that very few people think about when it comes to increasing the performance: How much power can the MX-5 gearbox withstand? From which performance level should I better use a different gearbox? These topics are covered in today's MotorBlog!
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MX-5 forged engines - Which Stage is mine?

Are you planning a conversion with one of our engines, but you are unsure which engine to choose? Do you want your MX-5 to get a bigger performance increase? Then you've come to the right place with this blog post, click here to find out more about our engine construction!
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