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Nankang AR-1 20 inches

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Tyre Dimension:

  • AR126535ZR2099Y

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The Nankang AR-1 Semi Slick was launched in 2016. After revision of the mix it is in the... more
Product information "Nankang AR-1 20 inches"
The Nankang AR-1 Semi Slick was launched in 2016. After revision of the mix it is in the current version in terms of performance at the forefront. Where no one can fool him, is the price / performance ratio. Its favorable purchase price in connection with the long durability, make it finally the first choice, also for ourselves. We use it even in the TimeAttack on our race car and also on various private vehicles of our coworkers. So we could gather a lot of experiences, so that we can help you with any questions in the best possible way. In addition, we could test the tire ourselves in this way to find out if the tire meets our requirements.

Heat semi-racing tires to at least 30 ° C. Complaints due to stress cracks after assembly are generally not recognized. Due to the higher contact patch to the street the tyres are going to be louder compared to casual street tyres.
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