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Performance Package NC 1.8 SG156
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Performance Package NC 1.8 SG156

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  • LP-NC-18-SA-1

If you have any questions about TÜV registration in Austria or Switzerland, please do not hesitate to contact our competent partners in the respective country:

Mail to SPS Partner in Austria (JV Imports)

Mail to SPS Partner in Switzerland (Garage Obrist)

All products, as well as the performance package offered here, are developed by the company SPS... more
Product information "Performance Package NC 1.8 SG156"

All products, as well as the performance package offered here, are developed by the company SPS Motorsport on the race track, adapted to the road and constantly improved. We attach great importance to the quality of the installed parts and their function.

In our first naturally aspirated stage we install a SPS exhaust manifold kit to increase the performance to 156hp. We install these products. The ECU is then set up and coordinated on our dyno and on the road (dyno protocol included). In the end, the conversion gets registered by the TÜV..

Attention, the performance is only achieved if an exhaust system with a pipe diameter of at least 55mm is installed. We recommend our group A exhaust system. This can simply be booked as an accessory when ordering. Without this, the 156hp will not be achieved.

All performance packages are configured in-house. It is up to you whether you opt for a light naturally aspirated tuning, an individual throttle body conversion or a turbo conversion. We use all products in our vehicles. All of our racing vehicles use components from our performance packages.
When developing the performance packages, it was important to us that, on the one hand, they meet the requirements of our customers, the power delivery and the look in the engine compartment are as close to series as possible. All performance packages that we distribute can be registered and accepted in our house. (Registration included in the price)
We use the best components of the scene in our eyes.


TÜV certification
From winter 2021 there will be TÜV certificates available for the our performance packages so you can register your conversion directly with your TÜV at your place. The certificate will be directly included in your scope of delivery. With this certificate your conversion becomes completely legal in all EU-countries as well as in switzerland.

All of our performance packages are designed in such a way that they can easily be "upgraded". Of course, we deliver the necessary support for an appropriate upgrade and would be happy to advise you.


All performance packages installed by us receive lifelong support. Since we drive and use the products ourselves and use them on the racetrack, we can help with almost any problem. You have questions, ask us!



Assembly of SPS exhaust manifold kit

Tuning of the ECU on our own dyno and on the road

Performance measurement on our dyno with a protocol

TÜV registration in our house


SPS exhaust manifold kit MX-5 NC

Racing Beat lambda sensor extension MX-5 NC

Ecu Tek Race Rom NC

mounting material


For an appointment for installation, please contact us at

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