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Spacer differential MX-5 NA/NB/NBFL Spacer differential MX-5 NA/NB/NBFL
Mazda original spacer for the differential of the MX-5 NA/NB/NBFL. This guides the two long bolts connecting the PPF frame to the differential into the differential body. The spacer itself is bolted onto the differential body with one...
€80.73 *
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Pinion spacer large differential MX-5 NA/NB/NBFL Pinion spacer large differential MX-5 NA/NB/NBFL
Pinion spacer for the pinion gear suitable for the large differential of the Mazda MX-5 NA/NB/NBFL. The spacer should be replaced each time the differential is disassembled. We offer Mazda original parts in the usual original equipment...
€34.99 *
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Front pinion bearing MX-5 NA/NB/NBFL (big differential) Front pinion bearing MX-5 NA/NB/NBFL (big...
Mazda original front pinion bearing suitable for MX-5 NA/NB/NBFL with big differential. The pinion bearing supports the pinion in the differential housing together with the rear pinion bearing.
€139.04 *
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Mazdaspeed hardened differential mounts MX-5 NA/NB/NBFL Mazdaspeed hardened differential mounts MX-5...
Hardened differential mounts (1 bearing) from the Mazdaspeed. These are around 30% harder than the original mounts. The mounts are simply pressed into the upper attachment points of the differential. Price refers to ONE bearing, so if...
€63.21 *
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Adjust shim 0290-27-301 Adjust shim 0290-27-301
Thread ring for setting the tooth flank backlash in the differential of the large differential (all except 1.6 NA 116 HP). 2 threaded rings are required for a differential.
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Side bearing 0221-27-350 Side bearing 0221-27-350
Ball bearing for the bearing of the differential body in the large differential (all except 1.6 NA 116 HP). 2 ball bearings are required for the correct assembly of the differential.
€130.73 *
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Sealing MA02-27-238A Sealing MA02-27-238A
Mazda original oil seal for sealing the differential (drive shaft side) on the MX-5 NA / NB / NBFL. 2 sealings are required to seal the differential.
€28.13 *
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