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Supertech piston set 1.6 B6 79.0mm 8.8: 1

Supertech piston set 1.6 B6 79.0mm 8.8: 1

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Wiseco Piston Ring Set 79.00mm 1.6 B6
Wiseco Piston Ring Set 79.00mm 1.6 B6
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  • P4-MA790-N10

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PISTON SET (4 PIECES) FOR MAZDA MX-5 1.6 LT B6 DOHC (79.00MM, 8.8: 1) Complete set of forged... more
Product information "Supertech piston set 1.6 B6 79.0mm 8.8: 1"
PISTON SET (4 PIECES) FOR MAZDA MX-5 1.6 LT B6 DOHC (79.00MM, 8.8: 1)
Complete set of forged pistons with bolts and fuses
Complete Supertech forged piston set P4-MA790-N10

Complete Supertech piston set with piston pins and fuses


Vehicle: MAZDA
Engines: MX-5 1.6 lt B6 DOHC

Piston set, consisting of:
4x pistons P4-MA790-N10,
4x piston pin and fuses

Oversize: + 1mm
Bore: 79.00mm
Stroke: 83.5mm
Compaction ratio: 8.8: 1
Diameter piston pin: 20mm (.787 ")
Pile length: 133mm (5,228 ")
Compression height: 1,260 "(32,00mm)
Cylinder head gasket: 1,09mm
Piston cover height: 1.09mm
Volume of valve pockets: -11ccm
Volume of the combustion chamber: 36ccm
Shape piston stem: R
Weight piston: 260g
Turbo / Nitro

With more than 40 years of experience in the development of racing pistons and the use of the latest CAD software, including finite element analysis (FAE), Supertech is able to design very stable yet lightweight pistons for every application. The pistons are manufactured in Argentina according to European specifications.
The pistons are made of extruded, pure silicon (extended 4032 alloy with additional Cu, Ni and Mg), which has low thermal expansion, excellent wear resistance and high thermal conductivity. Pistons with this alloy have withstood a charge pressure of over 2.9 bar with alcohol as fuel without any problems. In the 2 or 3-step forging process results in a fine grain structure, which is aligned in the same fiber direction as the stress. By multiple heat treatment, the pistons receive a uniformly distributed high tensile strength and hardness.
In several processing steps, the pistons are machined in special machines and on conventional CNC machines with special diamond tools to ensure high dimensional accuracy, squareness and flatness of the ring grooves. The piston pins are made of chrome molybdenum steel. Then the "phosphate dry lubricant" coating is applied to protect the rings against "microwelding" and to improve lubrication in the cylinder.

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