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Garrett GT2560 Turbocharger

Garrett GT2560 Turbocharger

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  • 836023-5004S

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Performance: 200 - 330 hp Displacement recommendation: 1.6 - 2.5L Compressor: inlet 46,5mm /... more
Product information "Garrett GT2560 Turbocharger"

Performance: 200 - 330 hp
Displacement recommendation: 1.6 - 2.5L

Compressor: inlet 46,5mm / outlet 60,1mm / trim 60 / 0,60ar
Turbine: diameter 53.0mm / trim 62 / 0.64ar / internal wastegate

- double ball bearing (466541-1)
- Double ceramic ball bearing (836023-3)
- Oil and water cooled bearing system
- Internal wastegate with pressure box
- Inconel exhaust wheel (only with 836023-4 / 466541-4)
- Turbocharger from the Nissan SR20DET
- Upgrade Charger for GT2554R (836023-1 / 471171-3)

Garrett is one of the few turbocharger manufacturers to undergo several qualification tests on the Turbos. This guarantees that you will always get a top product. It is u.a. Performed a 1000-hour durability test on a motor in a Garrett Engineering Laboratory, a thrust bearing test, testing the maximum tolerance of the bearing system, performing a vibration test, and testing material fatigue.

The Garrett GT and GTX series are all double ball bearing, fine balanced and oil and water cooled. There are still the older generation T series, which are usually sliding. The GTX series differs from the GT series in that it has a special, larger, multi-vane compressor wheel resulting in more power and slightly better responsiveness. It is important in the ball bearing turbocharger that this does not get too much oil pressure. Therefore, an oil restrictor with 0.9mm bore is used in the oil feed. A ball-bearing turbo speaks comparatively about 400-500 U / min earlier than a sliding bearing.

Some of our employees also use Garrett turbochargers in their vehicles. Thus, we could gather a lot of experience with the loaders, which we can now pass on to you. We also tested the capabilities of the loaders in these cars.

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