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HAWK brake pads HPS front MX-5 NBFL 270mm

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  • HB431F606

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HAWK Performance - HPS brake pads HPS - High Performance Street brake pads are world famous... more
Product information "HAWK brake pads HPS front MX-5 NBFL 270mm"
HAWK Performance - HPS brake pads

HPS - High Performance Street brake pads are world famous for their braking performance
significantly improve every road vehicle.
Improving the braking force of the conventional brake system becomes an easy task
if you use Hawk's HPS brake pad compound.
This unique metal-carbon formula is designed to brake performance
to improve a road vehicle. This is where safety and quality come from
Aviation and motorsports brakes used.

Hawk's HPS brake pads offer a higher coefficient of friction,
resulting in 20-40% more braking power and greater resistance to fading,
as conventional standard replacement brake pads.
Hawk HPS metal blends offer:

    increased braking force
    high coefficient of friction in the cold and hot state
    gentle on the brake discs
    long life span
    Low dust reduced
    almost noiseless
Each brake pad set sold contains 4 individual pads, i.e. all pads for one axle.

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