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Hood Vents Driver Side MX-5 NA

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  • MM10-BVK-AA-01-001-080421

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These hood vents for the MX-5 NA match our air duct kit. Ideally suited to direct hot ram air... more
Product information "Hood Vents Driver Side MX-5 NA"

These hood vents for the MX-5 NA match our air duct kit. Ideally suited to direct hot ram air out of the engine compartment and thus to keep the engine temperature cool. On hotter days or when used on the racetrack, a lot of hot air builds up in the enginebay. Our air duct in combination with these hood vents is perfect for diverting this. In addition, the internal pressure in the enginebay is reduced in order to achieve better flow through the radiator.

The two-piece vent is mounted on the driver's side of the hood. For this purpose, cutouts must be made in the hood in order to achieve a corresponding flow of hot air through the hood and thus lower the pressure in the engine compartment. A stencil is included for easy installation. No reinforcement struts have to be cut out during assembly, which is why the hood retains its rigidity.

Of course, the hood vents are compatible with all of our conversions.

The development and design of the hood ventilation was done by Wilvern Motorsport. The vents are made of injection molded plastic to ensure an optimal fit.

There are also covers for the hood vents available so that water does not enter the engine compartment when the car is parked in the rain or washed. These can be selected under "add additional parts".

A TÜV-certificate is in preperation.

The scope of delivery includes:

  • 2-piece set of hood ventilation in gloss black
  • Template for easier assembly without cutting out the hood reinforcement
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