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Refurbished exchange differential MX-5 NA/NB/NBFL (big differential)

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Differential housing (rear):

Differential lock:

Final gear:


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Refurbished exchange differential suitable for MX-5 NA / NB / NBFL (all except NA 115PS) with... more
Product information "Refurbished exchange differential MX-5 NA/NB/NBFL (big differential)"

Refurbished exchange differential suitable for MX-5 NA / NB / NBFL (all except NA 115PS) with big differential. You will receive a completely revised, cleaned, newly stored and re-sealed differential. Only Mazda original components are used for this. These include:

  • Both bevel gear bearings
  • Adapter sleeve
  • Sealings of the bevel gear and differential output in the direction of the drive shafts
  • Nut and washer for fastening the flange of the cardan shaft
  • Differential suspension bearing (Mazdaspeed)
  • Differential body bearing


Work on the differential includes:

  • Disassembled and cleaned differential rear
  • Differential body removed from differential bell and cleaned
  • Bevel gear removed from differential body and cleaned
  • All sealings renewed
  • Suspension bearing of the differential renewed
  • Assemble differential with new oil seals and bearings, paying attention to the tightening torques of the components
  • Backlash of the differential measured, corrections of the shims made if necessary
  • Finally, front differential body painted with black gloss


In addition to the refurbished differential, you can select different differential locks and fianl gear ratios above. You can also directly select the Giselwerk reinforced differential bell, which we recommend for vehicles for racing to prevent the differential arms from breaking off.


Differential is sold in exchange, so we need your old differential!

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