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KAAZ Limited Slip Differential MX-5 NC 1,5 Way

KAAZ Limited Slip Differential MX-5 NC 1,5 Way

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  • DBZ2020
The reliable and highly competitive KAAZ limited slip differential has been proven in... more
Product information "KAAZ Limited Slip Differential MX-5 NC 1,5 Way"

The reliable and highly competitive KAAZ limited slip differential has been proven in professional racing vehicles around the world. Do not settle for less than the industry-leading KAAZ Limited Slip Differential.

This KAAZ LSD for the MX-5 NC offers a dramatic upgrade and impressive, consistent performance.

We also use KAAZ differentials in our race cars, which means that we could gain experience with the differentials, which we can now pass on to you. In addition, we have convinced ourselves so of the product itself and found that the differentials can withstand high loads, such as racing.


Super Q (WPC treatment)

Each Kaaz limited slip differential is offered in a SuperQ variant. SuperQ units chatter less and offer smoother engagement, resulting in an improved driving experience. With WPC metal treatment, SuperQ differentials also provide better heat dissipation and longer life without the need for a retraction process. Like all other Kaaz limited-slip differentials, the SuperQ units allow you to set the closing rate.


Series differentials vs. Kaaz differentials

Most factory differentials are open, which means that the power is sent to the wheel that has the least resistance. This allows the wheels to rotate at different speeds, for example in a curve. The power transmission is however inefficient. This results in unicycle burnouts at start-up and unintentional wheel spin when accelerating out of the turn.

Some manufacturers equip certain vehicles with viscous differentials. This is a type of limited slip differential which should offer the advantages of an open differential, but without the disadvantages of undesirable wheel spin. This is achieved by a series of plates separated by a viscous fluid, which optimizes the power distribution sent to the wheels. Although this is more favorable for performance than an open unit, a viscous limited slip differential can not know where to direct the power until a wheel begins to slip.



Clutch disc A: 6

Clutch plate B: 6

Cone springs: 2

Factory torque: 5.5-8.5 (kg-m)

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