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Koni (yellow) shock absorber Sport Front MX-5 NC

Koni (yellow) shock absorber Sport Front MX-5 NC

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KONI SPORT shock absorbers were specially developed for the sporty driver. They are... more
Product information "Koni (yellow) shock absorber Sport Front MX-5 NC"

KONI SPORT shock absorbers were specially developed for the sporty driver. They are characterized by an exceptional road holding and thus unimagined centrifugal forces when cornering. The name is therefore a program: because where sport is on it is also sports in it.

More precise steering, minimized roll and less bodywork make for impressive driving pleasure. Thanks to the extremely high reaction speed of the dampers, drivers can rely on their equipment even in hot driving situations and demanding maneuvers.

The SPORT dampers from the SPORT tuning program are adjustable, in many cases even from the outside, so that a fine tuning is possible without any problems. Depending on the vehicle type with the dampers, a lowering of up to 40mm possible.
Lowered vehicles

Especially for lowered vehicles there is the KONI SPORT Short shock absorber. These have a shortened in the extension spring, piston rod (rebound). Of course, the shock absorbers can be combined with lowering springs.

With the KONI SPORT KIT KONI offers a specially developed and perfectly tuned chassis. Here, the SPORT Shock Absorbers with Lowering Springs from H & R, one of the leading manufacturers of Lowering Springs, combine to create the ultimate driving experience.


No 08/15 dampers

KONI SPORT are not ordinary 08/15 shock absorbers. The following features make it so unique:

    Exceptional roadholding
    More precise steering behavior
    Extremely high reaction speed
    Significantly sportier driving characteristics of the vehicle
    Adjustable damping, usually even from the outside. A time-consuming expansion is not necessary.
    Fine tuning can be done within seconds, depending on driving style and road conditions.
    High-strength materials and the highest quality
    Lowering up to 40mm

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