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Upholstering MX-5 seats

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Diamond Stitching:

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Upholstering MX-5 NA door panels
Upholstering MX-5 NA door panels
ab €773.50 *
Upholstering MX-5 NB/NBFL/NC/ND door panels
Upholstering MX-5 NB/NBFL/NC/ND door panels
ab €1,051.96 *

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  We can finally offer upholstery work!   Here you get the... more
Product information "Upholstering MX-5 seats"


We can finally offer upholstery work!


Here you get the opportunity to customize your MX-5 seats. With qualitative handwork from Germany, your seats are individually reworked and make your interior absolutely unique.

Pretty much all imaginable combinations can be set using the dropdowns at the top right:


Here you have the choice between different covers, which are pulled onto your seats. The seat sides are generally made of leather, as this has proven to be the best in the long term. For black and checkered seats, black leather is chosen for the sides, for beige seats the sides are made in beige to match. With the special colors it's up to you, there are no limits to creativity.


Diamond stitching:

For the final refinement, we can also offer diamond stitchings on the seat to give the MX-5 a timeless, classic look. The diamond stitchung is sewn into the leather by hand. The diamond pattern can only be offered for leather and Alcantara.


Basic seat:

Here you have a text field to enter your existing seats. Whether Recaro Pole Position, MX-5 NC original Recaro seats or the timeless MX-5 NA pilot seats, we can offer saddlery work for all MX-5 seats.


Special color:

As already mentioned, a special color can be selected for the covers. With this, an absolutely individual seat can also be offered to more specific projects such as the MX-5 NB 20th Anniversary.


Seam color:

Here you can enter the seam color of your choice (including possibly diamond stitchings). Simply write your desired seam color in the text field.


Price applies to saddlery for 2 delivered seats, the seats themselves are not included in the scope of delivery!

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Upholstering MX-5 NB/NBFL/NC/ND door panels Upholstering MX-5 NB/NBFL/NC/ND door panels
From €1,051.96 * €1,237.60 *
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25.01% Saved
SPS window sticker SPS window sticker
From €14.99 * €19.99 *
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Seat package Recaro Pole Position leatherette/dinamica MX-5 NA/NB Seat package Recaro Pole Position...
€2,823.24 * €2,971.83 *
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Roll bar track non-XL Roll bar track non-XL
From €573.45 * €674.65 *
JR3 - 15 inches JR3 - 15 inches
From €178.00 *
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Seat package Sparco REV QRT MX-5 NC Seat package Sparco REV QRT MX-5 NC
€1,655.90 * €1,743.05 *
Motalin 5W-50 HP-Sport Motalin 5W-50 HP-Sport
Content 5 Liter
€41.90 *