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Grams Injectors MX-5 NC

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  • G2-0550-1002

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Grams Performance is proud to offer the most innovative high-performance injection valves for... more
Product information "Grams Injectors MX-5 NC"

Grams Performance is proud to offer the most innovative high-performance injection valves for today's performance vehicles. First-class materials, advanced manufacturing techniques and stringent quality control procedures make Grams Performance the market leader in high-performance injection valves. Gram injectors have stainless steel internal parts and are compatible with all fuels including oxygenated fuel with MTBE. Compatible with all fuels including FTW, Q16, M5, C45 etc.


    High-resistance version (no resistance box required)
    Stainless components
    Compatible with all fuels, including oxygen enriched fuel with MTBE such as Q16, M5, C45 etc.
    Ultrafast magnets for precise fuel metering
    Linear behavior over a wide operating range
    All injectors are flow-adapted
    Compatible with all known fuels including gasoline, methanol and ethanol
    Unsurpassed cylinder-to-cylinder consistency and optimum no-load quality


The injection nozzles of an engine play a crucial role in the accurate metering and atomization of fuel. Grams Performance achieves this with its high-resistance injectors, which are modified for high-power use. Each injector is individually balanced, flow-tested and dynamically adjusted for characterization within a percentage range. The result is unmatched cylinder-to-cylinder consistency, even at low pulse widths, as well as optimum no-load quality, responsiveness and performance. Grams Performance's fuel-efficient and highly accurate solenoid valves feature a linear response curve over a wide operating range and can accurately measure fuel even at high pressures and short pulse widths.

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