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CANchecked MFD GEN2 MX-5 NA

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  • CC53010

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The new generation CANchecked is here! With this multifunction display, you won't miss any... more
Product information "CANchecked MFD GEN2 MX-5 NA"

The new generation CANchecked is here! With this multifunction display, you won't miss any value, and everything at a glance!

Thanks to the new development, the following functions are covered:

  • WLAN Connect via smartphone enables configuration of the display/widgets/sensors as well as updates
  • Improved graphics with better anti-aliasing
  • Two buttons on the side directly on the display - there is no need to lay the cable or drill for the operation knob
  • The widgets can be adjusted more precisely
  • New warning popup features
  • 6 analogue inputs instead of 4
  • Optional logging via smartphone
  • Freely definable Can Bus protocol (TRI files as with the MFD28/32)
  • Can bus switching / analog forwarding for specific control units

Of course, the key features from generation 1 are also available:

  • 1.5" inch OLED display with standard 52mm round instrument dimensions (like VDO displays)
  • Super flat design - only 12.5mm deep
  • Perfect integration into the vehicle interior thanks to the adapter ring for the dashboard ventilation panel
  • Up to eight different display windows can be freely configured using WLAN Connect and a smartphone
  • Control unit values can be displayed (connection via OBD 2 socket (cable is included)
  • Up to 64 sensors can be queried, querying the sensors like manufacturer diagnostic tools
  • 6 analogue inputs for 0-5V or NTC sensors (e.g. oil pressure, fuel pressure, exhaust gas temperature (with adapter), boost pressure, ethanol sensor with additional license), oil temperature, water temperature
  • Up to six sensors/values can be shown simultaneously in a display window
  • Integrated LED shift light/warning lamp
  • Individual minimum, maximum and pop-up function when exceeding or falling below warning values
  • Integrated shift light
  • Can be operated via OBD2, UDS (and as "standalone" with analogue sensors).
  • Online log function
  • Performance meter (e.g. measures the time from 0-100 and 100-200 km/h - can also be switched to mph)

The following data can be read out via the CANchecked (depending on the vehicle) and displayed graphically:

  • Temperatures: engine water temperature, intake temperature, exhaust gas temperature, transmission temperature
  • Pressures: boost pressure, ambient pressure, oil pressure
  • Lambda/mixture: Lambda value target/actual, short-term lambda adjustment, long-term lambda adjustment, MAF, engine load, torque
  • Driver dynamics: brake pressure, vehicle speed, throttle angle/accelerator pedal position
  • Other: RPM, total ignition angle, gear, battery voltage, ignition angle retard for each cylinder
  • Analogue inputs: additional sensors can be added here: oil temperature, fuel pressure, oil pressure, exhaust gas temperature, etc. but also an ethanol sensor (flex fuel) and many more

Scope of delivery:

  • CANchecked MFD15 GEN 2 OBD2 OLED multi display
  • Vehicle-specific installation panel
  • CANchecked knob for comfortable operating
  • Quick Start Guide
  • OBD2 cable
  • Connector B (6-way)
  • Connector C (12-way)
  • 20cm pre-crimped connection cable for power supply, CAN bus, analog inputs, 5V and sensor ground
  • Pins to crimp yourself
  • two 1K resistors (for pullup for NTC sensors)

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